Lots of Charity is the brainchild of Alistair Morrison. As a member of many Charity committees, Alistair frequently saw the need to expand charities' abilities to raise funds, outside of the event and auction room. The phrase "I wish there was another way of doing this" was something that Alistair heard on many occasions. And so Lots of Charity was born.


Our vision is to enable UK and international charities to add value to and expand their fundraising opportunities through the provision of an innovative digital platform where auction lots are brought together for the attention of a worldwide audience. Lots of Charity's aspiration is to be a global fundraising platform for charities around the world that will enhance their profiles and become a 'must have' addition to their fundraising, events and marketing initiatives.




Jawad Shiekh started his career in International Banking and garnered a prestigious Award for creating a marketing strategy for the Bank on a worldwide basis. Experienced in Institutional finance and business management, Jawad has developed and sold companies within high end housing, shoe manufacturing, energy and Learning disabilities. Passionate in providing high end care for people with learning disabilities, Jawad's company is backed by 3i and Barclays Equity and is now listed on AIM.

Jawad is currently involved in providing personal investment into Lots Of Charity as a founding Director



Alistair Morrison has built a worldwide reputation as one of the most celebrated portrait photographers of his generation. With 82 photographs in the National Portrait Gallery, London and numerous original edition prints in private international collections, Alistair's work is sought after by clients internationally.

In establishing his reputation he has also become an ambassador of the arts in the charity sector and sits on many committees. His main focus has been to bring exceptional auction prizes to charity events but he has also produced two major charity projects one of which was 'Time to Reflect' for UNICEF.



John Evans is a solicitor and equity partner at the firm of Kerman & Co. LLP. He is a commercial litigation lawyer who has 15 years experience in Commercial and Intellectual Property matters including copyright and trademarks. John routinely advises start up companies on the legal requirements of their website and on branding and trade mark registration. John has also been involved in supporting charities. It is during his charity work that he met Alistair.

John is a founding member of Lots of Charity and is a director and shareholder. His role on the team focuses on commercials and legal implementation.



Samira Sheikh saw an opportunity in the beauty industry to develop a group of Salons in Berkshire that she subsequently sold. She then set up her own interior design company providing design services to large health care companies and hotel groups.

Samira is currently acting as Events Director to Lots of Charity, bringing flair and an 'out of the box' ideology to the company. She continues to support many charities on a personal basis.